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Fold Down Gangway w/ Self Leveling Stairs - Aluminum

Fold Down Gangway w/ Self Leveling Stairs - Aluminum

Greenline Safety Stairs are specifically designed for various industries and applications that require accessing the top of a vehicle. The safety stair is designed for applications where the working range exceeds angles greater than 15° above or below the platform height. The Greenline Safety Stair provides a solution for various applications where access is a problem.

Greenline Safety Stairs provide safe access from the loading rack or dock to an elevated walkway during a loading/unloading process. Our Safety Stairs are designed with non-skid self-leveling grip strut treads.

Greenline Safety Stairs can be manufactured from carbon steel, aluminum, and fiberglass (or a combination of each). GREEN Access & Fall Protection can design a Safety Stair to meet any application that your operation would require.

Maneuvering the Safety Stair is performed by hand. Simple and compact tension spring balance method makes all movements easy. A slight push or pull positions the stair for safe access to the vehicle. Each unit is equipped with a locking mechanism for storage in the vertical position.

Combine these features with several advantages listed below to make Greenline your choice:

  • Folding tubular handrails with telescoping midrails on each side of the stair for increased operator safety and compliance with OSHA standards as we interpret them for 200 lbs. directional force. Hassle-free installation of midrail.
  • 1/2" bumpers eliminate damage to the vehicles being serviced.
  • Main axles are equipped with self aligning permanently lubed bearings. The self-leveling tread axles on aluminum models have bronze bushings for low maintenance.
  • A variety of finishes are available: standard safety yellow enamel, hot dipped galvanized, uncoated or anodizing for aluminum models.
  • Optional side mount brackets make side mounting to your existing structure easy.
  • Welded stops prevent the stair from traveling beyond a predetermined position.
  • Larger models may require the use of a manual or electrically operated hydraulic lift package. Pneumatic lift package also available.
  • Tension springs are enclosed in the side panels to prevent pinch points and corrosion to the springs.
SKU SS403-
Weight 297.00 lbs
Price: $2,950.00
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